A Look Into My World

Si Edmondson, owner of Exsiting Creations, has been planning events for more than 10 years. She received her first taste of event planning while working in the nonprofit field when she planned a community health fair. After additional event planning tasks, Si figured out how to couple her extreme organizational skills with her top-notch creativity to create something excellent. As the old saying goes, "the rest is history" and Exsiting Creations started to develop. Si has since then planned events from community back to school fairs, regional summits with attendees coming from multiple states, to musical tribute concerts, fundraisers, weddings, product launch events, and a host of celebrations.


Planning an event is an exciting time, but the details and logistics can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting. With a full- of - life attitude, Si will make the planning process fun, memorable and as stress free as possible. Exsiting Creations provides you with superior customer service, professionalism and follow-through. "The look and feel of an event is extremely important to me. I want to ensure the guests are not just attending an event, but they have an experience."


Allowing Exsiting Creations the opportunity to be your partner, learning every intimate detail of the event, gives you more time to enjoy it, making you more available to be totally present in creating lasting memories with your guests.

At the end of an event planned by Si, her brother was so impressed with the amount of attention to detail, he suggested that she start her own business. Si did not give it much thought, she enjoyed planning events but wasn't sure about providing this as a paid service. It wasn't until others also complimented her on a job well done, commenting on the small touches that truly made the event special and stating how they really felt part of the event, that she began to think about a business.


The next day, Si’s brother called her, again, expressing how remarkable the event was and stated that he had come up with a name for her business. "You should name your business Exciting Party Planning, but, since your name is Si, spell exciting with "si" instead of "ci" This makes it unique." Si didn’t like the party planning part, after all, what she does is create! Exsiting Creations was born!  

"I hired Exsiting Creations for a family reunion.  Although I’ve done this event many times myself, I secured the services of an event planner to allow me to have the time to enjoy the event for in its entirety.  Exsiting Creations stepped in and exceeded my expectations by delivering a perfectly organized, well executed and fun event. Si's creativity and suggestions were instrumental in making this a memorable event for me and my family. Si’s energy and passion for what she does is obvious; her pride and enthusiasm shines through in every detail!"


Kay Rucker, Systems Engineer