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Planning an event is so exhilarating. You begin to visualize this special time of celebration with family and friends, outlining the plans, and put the plan in motion. Life doesn't stop because you are planning an event. Before you know it, the logistics and details have overshadowed your excitement with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. 

Exsiting Creations specializes in the management of event logistics. We work with you in creating a detailed timeline, an event budget and serve as the liaison between you and all event vendors and streamlining the communication. Allowing us to become your event planning partner frees up more of your time to focus on the celebration and making unforgettable memories.


What can you expect from the first contact make to Exsiting Creations to event’s end?


Our Process

Step 1: Let’s Chat – You have called to learn more about the services Exsiting Creations offers and how we can help. We learn more about your event and determine the services needed. 


If the you and Exsiting Creations feel this will be a good fit for the type of event discussed, we move on step two.


Step 2: The Proposal Exsiting Creations will create a proposal which will recap details from Step 1. The Proposal and Service Agreement is sent for your review.  After the review and approval, the signed Service Agreement is returned to Exsiting Creations, with deposit, the work begins. 


Step 3:   F2F  – A Face to Face meeting is scheduled to delve further into the your thoughts, ideas, and vision for the event. Exsiting Creations will collect in-depth information on the aesthetic for the event the experience desired. 


Step 4: Build the Frame – A custom timeline is created for the event to ensure all aspects of the event is covered. A detailed budget is also created to serve as a guide for spending in each event category. 

Events Table Set Up

Step 5: The Aura

The aura is the atmosphere that surrounds the event.  From here, we will sketch the concept for the event: theme, color scheme, event flow, etc. 

Together, we begin sourcing the perfect event vendors to ensure each element of the vision is met to bring the event together, layer by layer. 

Step 6: Excitement – It’s event day. Exsiting Creations will create a detailed Run of Show that is provided to each event vendor, keeping everyone on the same page. With our staff, Exsiting Creations will be the first ones at the site, managing the event from set up to clean up.


Having Exsiting Creations as the day of event manager, you can truly enjoy your event and your guests, eliminating event day stress.


You will be able to take in the sights of your ideas, pulled together into an experience to be remembered for their event.


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