A New Way to Honor

Planning any event always leaves multiple things to consider such as where should this event held, should you allow children, what type of food do you want to serve, and most importantly, how much are you willing to spend. There is one other element of planning an event that some may struggle with, how to honor a loved one who has passed on. Now, we typically see this in a wedding ceremony, but who said this has to be limited to a single type of event?

Let’s face it, we can control a lot of things, but the way life happens is not one of them. Allow me to be very personal for a moment. When my father passed, I was in the process of planning my wedding. I was given all sorts of ideas to incorporate him into the ceremony, and believe it or not, even the wedding photos. When I called my wedding off and decided to have a birthday party, all of the ideas given to me to honor my father at my wedding ceremony fell by the wayside. But why? Why did I think I could only celebrate my father’s memory at my wedding? Why are our thoughts limited to honoring loved ones at wedding ceremonies? Why didn’t I incorporate my father’s memory at my birthday party? Maybe it’s because this isn’t something we think about in any event other than weddings. Thinking back, there are so many ways I could have honored my father’s memory in a fun and festive way. I hear you asking, “Si, how can I do this and stay in the spirit of an upbeat event?” I’m glad you asked, let me share with you some things I’ve thought of.

One thing you can do is to have the DJ or band play a mix of your loved one’s favorite artist. Working with your DJ or band prior to the event will be very important to pull this off. At the peak of the event, the DJ or band will play this funky mix, calling everyone to the dance floor to celebrate the life of your loved one. For me, that would have been a compilation of Stevie Wonder songs. Guests are on the floor partying, celebrating and laughing. As you look around, you don’t seen anything but smiling faces and hearing the commentary of guests, “oh yeah, that was their song,” or “oh I remember the dance they always did when this song was played.” Even your 82-year-old grandmother is on the floor, cane and all.

Another thing you can do is dress in that person’s favorite color. I’m not a huge fan of having all guests wear a particular color for an event, but you, as the host, can spread the memory of your loved one around the room adorned in the color they loved most. To take it a step further, dress in their favorite style. For example, if your loved one loved vintage, go vintage!

Finally, think about a way to incorporate your loved one in the décor or theme. My father was a Greyhound bus driver. For me, a travel themed event to honor him would have been perfect. With each table’s theme a different city, and food stations around the room to resemble the various stops along the bus route. If you did not want to go a theme route, incorporate the them in the centerpieces. My father played the drums for a little while, creating a centerpiece to incorporate drumsticks would have been an amazing way to honor him.

Are you planning an event and want more ideas, keep Exsiting Creations Event Planning in mind. Visit to learn more. Give me a try, you will not be disappointed. Until the next time, be safe, laugh lots and spread joy love and positive vibes.







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