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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

You may be wondering, who or what is Existing Creations Event Planning? When you see the name, you may have read it as existing creations. That darn brain of ours, will switch the “s” and the “i” automatically, causing a person to see existing, now you think I can’t spell. Then name is actually Exciting Creating. The business spelling of exciting is a creative play on my name, Si, and the word exciting. I must credit my brother Robert for that creative genius. So many people have asked, “why don’t you change the name of your business to avoid the confusion?” For me, it’s an opportunity to tell people about my business, and truthfully, I put a little bit of me in everything I do, so the spelling is fitting.

OK, now you know the name, but what exactly is Exsiting Creations Event Planning? In simple terms, it’s an event planning business focused on the management of logistics, allowing you focus on making memories to last a lifetime. Let's paint a picture. You are super excited about an event you are planning; you are all in! The date is set, Pintrest board created and filled with ideas, you have a list of venues to look at, man, you’ve got this! The venue you booked has an onsite planner, perfect, they will be your planner, can you say #winning? After booking, you learned, that planner only coordinates details related to the venue such as catering details, load in times for all vendors and ensures the venue is set up according to your layout. Darn, now you find yourself on the phone and answering e-mails from all of your event vendors, answering this question and that question. At some point you feel like you are repeating yourself. The details of planning have become stressful and you are thinking, “why won’t they just call each other and leave me alone, I don’t know what they are talking about!” Friends and family all have their opinion of how the event should look, and this has only added to your stress. Of course, you have your group of dedicated people to help, but they can’t help with vendor communications or keep you on track. Although it was a lot, you made it through the planning process and now it’s the day of your event. You have spent the day overseeing set up, now you have to rush home to get dressed. During the event, the caterer wants to know when to serve, he comes to ask you. The DJ wants to know when to play the special song, so he is waiting on you. The photographer isn’t sure which table the “special guests” are sitting at, so they are constantly interrupting you. See, you’re overwhelmed already and I’m just painting the picture.

Stop, breath, that was just a scenario of what it is like when you do it alone. Your time is so valuable, an life does not stop because you are planning an event. The event you are planning is special, you want to be a part of every moment, celebrating it with family and friends, being a part of the memories. Exsiting Creations Event Planning manages the event logistics, allowing you to do just that. I take as much of the stress as possible related to event planning, including being the liaison between event vendors and clients. The day of the event, myself and my Event Coordinators are on site to manage the set up and are the “go-to” or any questions vendors may have throughout the duration of the event.

Please subscribe to my blog, share and encourage others to subscribe. In future blogs, I will share stories about previous clients and my experience. I will talk about the importance of creating a realistic event budget, have a few interviews with some vendors I’ve worked with and so much more. I look forward to growing with you and booking your next event.

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