The Cost of a Pin

I don’t know about you, but when I need ideas to inspire my creativity, a new recipe, or maybe help choosing a color scheme, Pinterest is where I go. Seriously, Pinterest is my jam, no joke.

I have a board filled with pins for just about everything. While this an amazing resource, when it comes to planning an event, don’t let the pins fool you.

When you are in the beginning stages of planning your event, you search the internet for ideas on invitations, themes and dare I say it, décor. With Pinterest being so popular, it’s typically the “go to” website. So, true story, I worked with a bride who had multiple styles and themes on one board. believe me, there was no shortage of direction to choose from. The problem wasn’t with the multiple directions, the real shocker was in the execution of her version of that; oh did she got a quick dose of reality. What do I mean by that? She did not realize the cost and labor behind executing what she thought was a moderately simple look.

Here is where Pinterest will fool you, especially when you are planning your event yourself. You love the linen style (in your color choices of course), the centerpieces in this picture reflect your style and event, this entire picture is how you envision your event space looking. When you settled on this look, you thought it would be something relatively easy to pull off, so here you go, full steam ahead.

Off to the store you go, and guess what, every little thing adds up. By the time you get tubes of E6000, the silk flowers (we won’t event talk about the number of stores you had to go to just to get all of the flowers), the vases and filler, and Styrofoam, you have spent more money and time than you expected. How could something that looks so simple cost so much? But wait, you haven’t begun to put the centerpieces together, or call the rental company to price out the linens. Being frugal isn’t so frugal is it?

The event has come and gone and now, you are stuck with all of the elements you purchased, yep, that’s right, the silk flowers, vases, filler and two tubes of E6000 that you didn’t even use. Believe it or not, the best course of action for turning your pin into reality is to hire an event decorator. Someone like Michelle Webb of Twisted Lilies is able to execute your vision using items from their inventory and take your inspiration and elevate it. Event decorators handle the set up and breakdown of the décor.

Another thing to keep in with Pinterest it will be easy to have a melting pot of ideas and you will want to incorporate them all. At the end of your search, you will have roaring 20s, boho chic, Mardi Gras and country all mixed in one. Your guests will walk in the room confused. They won’t know if they should say “howdy partner” or throw beads. Here is a helpful tip, after you have multiple pins, look at the trend, what does it seem like you are drawn to more? Once you find a style you like, stick with that, create a board for that theme and begin to look for pins related to that style.

DIY is a great way to be 100% hands on and in full control of your event. Keep in mind, you can still have a DIY event, be in full control and allow Exsiting Creations Event Planning to be your partner at the same time. Together we will find the perfect theme for your event and décor to compliment it. I work with some amazing event vendors. I will feature some of the event vendors I work with to give you an opportunity to get to know them.

As you are thinking about future live events, keep Exsiting Creations Event Planning in mind. Give me a try, you will not be disappointed. Until the next time, be safe, laugh lots and embrace unconditional love.







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