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Price List

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Stainless Steel


price includes:

-choice of finish

-name, monogram or short quote

- image (must be provided by customer)


**Wood grain and peek a boo styles are an additional $8**


20oz Tumbler                                     $33.00

30oz Tumbler                                     $42.00

7oz Flask w/shot glasses                   $25.00

10oz Wine tumbler w/stem              $25.00

10oz Wine tumbler - stemless         $25.00

14oz Coffee mug                                 $27.00



Coffee Mugs

price includes:

-name, monogram or short quote

- single color image (must be provided by customer)

12oz Coffee Mug                                                       $12.00

12oz Coffee Mug – Glitter bottom                         $15.00

14oz Latte Mug                                                         $15.00

14oz Latte Mug – Glitter bottom                           $18.00



Additional decals small (2”)                                               $1.50

Additional decal regular (3” - 4”)                                      $3.00

Full color picture                                                                 $5.00

Color shift base (color changes based on angle)            $4.00

UV color shift glitter (color changes in sun)                   $4.00

UV color shift base (color changes in sun)                      $4.00

Mirror base                                                                           $4.00

**NOTE: Excite My Drinks is not a graphic design company and does not have the capabilities

to edit photos. We are sorry, and we reserve the right to ask customer for a different image if the image is of low quality or  can not be used with our software. 


Calls and e-mails received after 9pm will be returned the next day.